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Product IntroductionePLC400-A is an auxiliary control device widely usedfor high-power metal cutting and other large equipments. It can reduce manualoperation, improve work efficiency, and control large AC motor or electrohydraulic servo device as its drive mechanism. So it can exchange AB platformautomatically and manually.Application AreaIndustrial automation, processing equipment, motorcontrolFunctionsInputdetection of 4 limit positionCandrive the switch quantity large AC motor and electro hydraulic servo deviceInterlockedoperation to improve system security.Manually A platform in and out, B platform in and out, and AB platformexchange automatically
Product DescriptionThe system is basedon advanced hardware platform, using advanced imported position sensor andmeasurement technology to achieve the charged objectives auto-correctioncontrol with fast response and high control accuracy. 4.3-inch touch screencontrol panel, user-friendly, easy to operate. Users can use servo motor as theexecuting mechanism to complete the continuous smooth correction operations,effectively avoided dithering problems and other disadvantages by using switchvalue to correction.Application AreaPrinting industry, clothingindustry, etc.Functions Advanced position sensor using optical fiber transmission,with strong anti-jamming capability.Shut alarm function due to lacking of material.Full-touch 4.3-inch touch screen, user-friendly, easy tooperate.Advanced real-ti...
Product IntroductionBWK201R Wireless Operating Panel uses wireless panel and receiver to achieve wireless communication;user can control the cutting machinereliably through operating panel. It is very convenient for user to test machine,improving the working efficiency and reliable and easy communication. Parallel working with the controller operating panel without interference.ApplicationsBWK201R with RDC6442G or RD6442S motion controller,widely used in laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding and large workingarea laser process machine.
Product  IntroductionIt is a wireless WIFI convertor, based on this terminal, user can cooperate with RUIDA motion controller to establish the wireless control LAN based on WIFI, and to get rid of the wired networking connection absolutely, which can reduce the user cost and increase flexibility.  Application Area RuiDa smart wireless terminal is based on WIFI technology mainly used multiple machines networking in large manufacturer for integrated control, reducing cost, making the machine layout unlimited.
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