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Product Name: Visual Marking Control Software (RDMarkVision)
Product Name:

Visual Marking Control Software (RDMarkVision)

上市日期: 2016-03-28

Visual Marking Control Software (RDMarkVision)

Operation Environment:XP,WIN7(32/64 bits),WIN8(32/64 bits)

Adaptive Controller:RDM4024V-PCI

  • Outline
  • Specification
  • 详细参数
  • Case
  • Program


1. Support import/export various file formats:
●Support for importing DXF, AI, PLT, etc, general CAD software format file
●Support for importing DST, DSB, etc, embroidery machine graphics format 
●Support for importing general CNC G-code file format
●Support for importing BMP, JPG, GIF, etc, nearly all file formats for images
●Can export PLT, AI, BMP etc general graphical format file
2. Support save and open the customized PRJ format file.
  ●PRJ format contains graphic data and the processing technology 
   & parameters that user setup.
3. Support for drawing and operation for simple graphics
  ●Support for drawing points, lines (horizontal /vertical), fold line, 
   ellipse/round, rectangular/square, text and bar code
  ●Support for transform operation for graphics 
  (translation, rotation, zoom in/out, mirroring)
  ●Support auxiliary graphics edit (array copy, group/ungroup)
  ●Support alignment layout tools for graphics
  (left, right, up, down, centering, equal width/height)
  ●Graphics filling function (one-way filling, two-way fill, cross filling)
  4. Powerful functions for image processing
  ●Support  directly extracting images from the camera or scanner
  ●Image processing function(adjust brightness, resolution, contrast, net, scatter plot, sharpen, extract contour)

  ●Vector graphic transferred to bitmap function
  5. Text editing function
  ●Support TrueType and single-line font
  ●Support variable text (time & date variable text, serial number variable text)
  6. Barcode function
  ●Support a variety of bar code types (Inter25Code,Indus25Code,Matr25Code,O39Code, Ext39Code,A128Code,B128Code,C128Code,O93Code,Ext93Code,EAN13Code,O128Code,DataMatrix, etc)

 7. Processing functions
 ●Laser marking function
 ●Laser cutting function
 ●Graphic splicing marking function
 ●Multitasking and mixed-task function 
  (can define a series of tasks combination freely)
 ●Tasks Logic editing function
  (execute tasks sequentially, and support nested loop logic)
 ●Customized graphics output mode (cutting, marking)
 ●Support external IO keyboard
 ●Processing preview function
 ●Processing as the graphics primitive sequence or layer sequence 
 ● XY platform included angle correction 
 ●Vibrating mirror distortion correction, ratio correction, coordinate system calibration
8. Other Functions
 ●Multilanguage support (support multiple language switching, users can 
  define the language)
 ●Commonly used processing gallery (users can save the frequently-used 
  processing graphics in gallery way, reuse conveniently)
 ●Parameter library (users can store and classify the frequently-used process 
  parameters in parameter library )
9.  Management functions
  ●Encryption Function(staging encryption function, delay authorization, 
  Re-encryption authorization )
 ●Mainboard running information management 
  (mainboard version, working information)
 ●Mainboard firmware upgrade 
  (users can upgrade the mainboard by themselves)

 10. Work in visual-marking, dynamic template matching operation is performed by template learning and image recognition.

  • Learning template features: learning and memory the geometric characteristics

  • Single-Template recognition: using single template to identify targets in any place

  • Multi-Templates recognition: using multi-templates to identify targets in any place

  • Store learning-template: to store the existing templates and create learning template database.

  • Support data copying between templates: marking data can be directly copied between the templates. 

  • Support assembly line identification: support assembly line identification on marking process.

  • Create graphics in learning template: can create any graphic data.

  • Import and export learning template data: import/export data formats (such as plt/.ai/.dxf)

  • Open and save project file: can save processing-parameters, processing-data and learning-template of the current project. 

  • Camera effect adjustment: improve the camera effect by adjusting gain, contrast, exposure time and automatic exposure.

  • Auto-correction distorted image: software supports correct the distorted image automatically when influenced by the external environment or the article processing technique leading to distorted image.

  • Camera data dynamic real-time display: camera image displays on the software interface in real-time.

Visual Marking Control Software (RDMarkVision)

Operation Environment:XP,WIN7(32/64 bits),WIN8(32/64 bits)

Adaptive Controller:RDM4024V-PCI

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