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Product Name: PCI Laser cutting software (LaserCutist)
Product Name:

PCI Laser cutting software (LaserCutist)

上市日期: 2016-03-22
Software Name         PCI Laser cutting software (LaserCutist)

Adaptive Controller      RDS3040F-PCI

Technical parameters                       

Operating system: XP, WIN7 (32 bit)  RAM: 512M above

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Product Introduction:      

LaserCutist laser cutting system is designed for metal plate cutting with excellent

performance, which has simple graphics drawing function and multiple graphics

transformation function, and achieved various technical requirements in laser metal

cutting. Excellent manual/auto motion control and Live-Focus control functions,

pulse modulation and frequency modulation for optional, and the laser power can

 be changed with the velocity during process.


  • Can import the PLT\AI \PLT file and export PLT\AI file, and can save the processed project file format *. RLC.  

  • Support for simple graphics drawing: drawing polyline, ellipse/circle,


  • The graphics transformation function supportstranslation, rotation, zoom in/out, mirror, array and etc., and the size/scaling setting and alignment can also be included.

  • Function of deleting minimal graphics, curve division, removal repetition line and merging linked lines.

  • Support closed curves contouring compensation.

  • Manual/auto micro-linkage, gap/overcut function.

  • Support manual/auto add lead line and manual modify starting point, auto-add line can make the lead entering into processed primitive at tangent line angle as much as possible. 

  • Displaying of the primitive serial number, starting point, direction, nod and all the graphics working paths.

  • Manual/auto sequence, group, and bridging for multi- primitives.

  • The straight line grouping scan and circle scan function.

  • After machine installed, the machine can be tested by machine detection function as below: signal detection (to check the signal lines emit signal and responding to the right IO), motion detection (to judge the direction and polarity of machine). 

  • X,Y back to original point simultaneously or single axis backs to original point.

  • Layer process,different layers can be set different processing velocity, laser power, gas and cutting method. 

  • This software can work with Ruida Live-Focus system to achieve the laser head following movement.

  • Live –focus adjustment in the process and edit PLC in laser control. 

  • Available coordinate system including: absolute coordinate system, floating coordinate system, and 10 workpiece coordinate systems.

  • Functions of analog, jump, frame and circle process.

  • Thestop site positioncan be choose when finished process.

  • Support manual process (pulse motion and continuous motion in up/down/left/right).

  • Support auto-process (start/pause/continuous/stop/return when paused.)

Application area: Metal cutting (Mainly for different thickness metal sheet cutting)

Product Accessories

  • RDS3040F-PCI Motion controllerx1pcs

  • Extension Terminal board x 1pcs

  • 68 PIN connection cable x 1pcs

  • Instruction manual & CD x 1pcs

  • Medium power conversion board x 1pcs

Software Name         PCI Laser cutting software (LaserCutist)

Adaptive Controller      RDS3040F-PCI

Technical parameters                       

Operating system: XP, WIN7 (32 bit)  RAM: 512M above

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