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Ruida Technology will  attend the exhibition --LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2016  in Shanghai on March 15th ~ 17th, welcome to our booth No: 4522.
We will be on holiday from 31th Jan to 14th Feb 2016, and return to work on Monday 15th Feb 2016. If you have something urgent, please call 86 +86-13410708106,+86-13590948879 or send email to us.Shenzhen RuiDa Technology Co.,ltd30/1/2016
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Software Functions Introduction1. Support import/export various file formats:●Support for importing DXF, AI, PLT etc general CAD software format file●Support for importing DST, DSB etc embroidery machine graphics format ●Support for importing general CNC G-code file format●Support for importing BMP, JPG, GIF, etc, nearly all file formats for images●Can export PLT, AI, BMP etc general graphical format file2.Support save and open the customized PRJ format file.●PRJ format contains g...
Product Introduction This product is especially used for array markingin large working area and splicing marking in large working area and such casesin the need of motor motion control and galvanometer motion control working together,which has the complete galvanometer scanner marking control function, and alsohas the uniaxial movement and multi-axis interpolation movement for multi-axlemotor.And has relatively independent laser synchronouscontrol function.ApplicationLarge work area array marking, multi-stationmarking, large work area splicing marking or cutting, large work area lasergalvanometer scanner weldingFunctions DescriptionArray marking Large work area markingLaser cuttingLarge work area splicing marking
Introduction This product adoptsindustrial-grade DSP + FPGA hardware architecture, a fly marking control system which can run offlinecompletely based on the WINCE operating system.Application Area:  Laser fly marking or laser markingFunction Description 2D markingRotate markingFlying marking, including simulated fly markingand speed feedback fly marking
Product IntroductionePLC400 is a simple and economic PLC solution,contained multi-path general IO input & output, analog input & output,PWM output, 4-way motor control pulse output, dedicated temperature detectioninterface, RS485 and RS232 interface under the compact design, for using invarious cases conveniently. Using USB main communication interface and ePLCLadder programming software communication, bluetooth control functions; workingwith RUIDA ePLC Ladder programming software, user can conveniently achieve and customizePLC function, so it can be easily integrated into your machine control.  Application AreaProcess device, temperature detection, analog detection,motor controlFunctionsAnalog input detection and analog outputQuadrature encoder pulse detectionPWM outputG...
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