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2012 laser cutting market prospect analysis

Date: 2015-04-20
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With the end of 2009 as the global financial crisis and resuming growth in 2010 the entire laser industry, 2011 industry growth was rapid promotion, laser cutting machines of small and medium industries in China has exceeded 2 billion, laser cutting machines, as broad market instead of the traditional tools of the new product. Laser cutting more optimistic about market prospects in 2012.

Medium laser cutting machines around global cumulative capacity has reached 30,000, including United States, Japan is more than 5,000, while my higher power CNC laser cutting plant has a capacity of around 8,000, with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing, CNC laser cutting plant in China has entered a period of rapid growth, an annual growth rate of more than 30%. As the laser cut gradually spread, markets require further increase cutting efficiency, reduced standby time (automatic loading and unloading systems), expand the application (to the three dimensional cutting, high reflective surface development), lower operating costs (reducing cost, reducing energy consumption).

Laser cutting represents the development trend of modern metal processing technology, laser cutting machine has a very broad market demand at home and abroad, Tianqi laser in the future should be based on a high starting point, high power, large-format, high-precision, intelligent, and special material technology in areas such as research and development, formation of industrialization to meet the growing market demand. Tianqi laser and strive to become "China’s fast pass".

Tianqi laser products are listed below:

1. laser tube cutting machine dual-use tube laser cutting machine laser cutting machine

2. sheet metal laser cutting machine laser cutting machine

3. cantilevered fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting machine

4. robot-three-dimensional laser cutting machine laser cutting machine

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