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日前,中国科学技术部在北京向媒体通报称,当前,LED照明拥有巨大的产业、经济、科技和社会效应,被全球多个国家视为战略性新兴产业。“LED照明是一个全球性的机会,强化全球合作是其产业发展所必需的重要一环”。  在与发达国家和新兴经济体合作方面,通过国际科技合作计划,中国半导体照明国家重点实验室在荷兰代尔夫特大学建立海外研发实体机构“国际开放创新中心”,并共同培养博士及博士后。中国还与德国教研部开展创新应用、标准检测、示范工程评价和产品循环利用等领域合作;与巴西、印度、俄罗斯、南非建立“金砖国家半导体照明合作平台”;联合肯尼亚教研部,共同开展中肯LED照明技术中心建设。  内专家认为,LED照明已成为一场成功的技术革命,在照明产业变革中确立主导地位。随着技术进步的推动和市场需求的拉动,LED照明产业将进入新一轮高速增长期,未来2-3年是半导体照明技术创新与产业发展的最关键时期。
大学材料科学系游波教授团队研制出的一种新型材料——光扩散涂层,在世博会上亮相。该材料能有效解决LED光源的眩光和出光效率低的问题。        LED目前存在着许多不完善的地方,最致命的一个缺点就是其点光源的特性。LED灯发光时会产生强光点,无法用眼睛直视,若一直生活在高亮度的LED光源周围,LED光源所形成的强光点会瞬间影响视觉的判断力。短期内会产生眼睛的不适和疲劳,而长期使用更会产生永久性的伤害。        免了LED产生的光污染危害,游波教授研发的光扩散膜将LED的点光源均匀转换成面光源,从而使光线形成漫反射,从而达到匀光的效果,这样整体的光源更均匀、柔和、饱满。记者了解到,光扩散膜不光可提高LED光线的利用率,增加LED的亮度,更可减少灯管使用量。一旦减少灯管数目,液晶屏幕的耗电量以及热能的产生均会大幅降低,对于绿色环保有所帮助。LED光扩散涂层,可替代目前使用的扩散膜,用于消除LED器件的眩光及点光源问题,可用于户外路灯及交通照明、大尺寸液晶面板以及笔记本电脑的背光源、建筑装饰照明、汽车用照明、家庭照明等。
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Application of laser cutting machines in the field of agricultural machinery

Date: 2015-04-20
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In recent years, the very rapid development of agricultural machinery manufacturing industry in China, 2007 has formed an annual output value of 150 billion scale, processing and agricultural machinery industry, the rapid development of modern technology there is an urgent need, therefore, agricultural diversification, specialization and development trends of automation of equipment.

First of all, due to the recovery of arable land and replanting rate increase, "farmer" trend of growth in demand for agricultural machinery will exhibit rigid in recent years with 8% speed increasing.

In addition, tilling and planting of food crops, collecting needs agricultural machinery products, product demand is broken down, type of product diversification and specialization of agricultural machinery.Which medium tractor, and high performance of harvest machinery, and medium seeder needs further increased, typical of machinery equipment as dazhong horsepower tractor, and in the large wheat joint harvest machine, and corn joint harvest machine, and wheat corn from tilling sowing machine,; new of as oil crops production by needed of agricultural machinery are has more fast development, as rape harvest machine, and seeder, and peanut harvest machine,, also agricultural behind of developing wasteland also will increased on shoe drag and the variant products of needs.

With the constant upgrades and new products development of farm machinery products, introduced a new demand to new processing methods, such as CAD/CAM, CNC, laser processing technology and automation technology, application of advanced technology, will speed up the process of agricultural modernization in China.Laser cutting machine in agricultural machinery production in the of application agricultural machinery products of plate gold processing pieces General used 4~6mm plate, sheet metal gold pieces type more, and update fast, traditional of agricultural machinery products plate gold processing pieces usually used punch way, die consumption big, usually a large of agricultural machinery production manufacturers for die store of Treasury nearby 300 square. Thus, parts of processing if still stay in traditional of way, will serious constraints products of quickly replacement and technology development, and laser of flexible processing advantage on reflected out has.

Laser processing to the use of modern CAD/CAM software, any shape of sheet metal cutting, laser processing, not only in processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, and avoid the mold or tool replacement, shorten the production preparation time cycle.Easy to implement continuous processing, laser beam for short time, improve production efficiency.Alternate installation can perform a wide range of workpieces.When processing a workpiece, remove the completed parts and installation to be machined to achieve parallel processing.


Agricultural machinery industry of quickly development, products accelerated replacement, more needs laser this class advanced of processing means to shortened products development cycle, improve products production efficiency, especially on new development products in the of complex parts laser cutting machine more with advantage, laser processing in agricultural machinery production in the will gradually became essential of processing means, became upgrade agricultural machinery products equipment manufacturing modernization degree of emerging growth, became transformation traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing of important technology support.

Tianqi laser YAG laser cutting machine is owned by industry recognized leading brand of flat sheet metal cutting and welding, its models tailored for professional agricultural machinery industry, the industry was widely used.Many United States, and Italy, and Ireland, and Korea, and Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom manufacturer of agricultural machinery, application of YAG laser cutting equipment.Flexibility of YAG laser cutting technology, accelerating its design speed of update, improved product quality, greatly reduced costs, faster response to changes in market demand.With the advance of agricultural modernization in China, Qi, the laser will continue to introduce new technology means creating more value for the agricultural machinery manufacturer in China.

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