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Precision application of laser manufacturing technique in China

Date: 2015-04-20
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Laser technology has been applied to various fields of industrial production in China, domestic laser processing market, manufacturing components and industrial lasers, laser engraving machine, laser processing system (mark, dash, fine-tuning, laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, micro-machining, molding directly) about internal 90% per cent share of the total market of laser technology applications, is the major application of laser technology in the domestic market.

Laser machining laser cutting is the most mature, the most widely used one of the laser processing technology has been widely used in the automobile, iron and steel manufacturing and aerospace industries of metallurgy, gifts, ideal for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel, plastic, plexiglass, wood, metal and non-metallic materials such as printed circuit boards.

Laser tag is the industrial products of the most advanced technology.Has been widely used in the electronics industry, automotive industry, medical products, hardware and tools, home appliances, daily goods, labels, card technology, aviation industry, documents, jewelry, instruments, such as advertising signs.Typical application including various metal and non-metal and the products surface of playing marked, as stainless steel, and aluminum, and plexiglass, and ceramic, and plastic, and synthesis material, and wood, and rubber leather, and paper products, and capacitor, and inductance, and printed circuit plate, and IC, and electric received plug card, and various instrument and Control Panel, and button, and cosmetics packaging, and food packaging, and stationery, and crafts, and cigarettes, and detonator, and bearing, and gear, and piston ring,.Laser marking machines, lasers can production in China, domestic laser marking machine can meet the requirements of industrialization, import substitution.Jinan multidimensional optical equipment was of YAG laser marking machine produced by the company applied to the Sino-Hong Kong joint venture, Fujian Changxing electronic company, replacing the company from Germany import of laser marking machine, laser marking machine better than imported.

Laser welding is widely used in laser processing workshop and automated production lines, industries such as electronics, aerospace, chemical and metal industries, welding materials and products of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, for pressure vessels, tantalum capacitor, electron guns, lithium-ion batteries, pressure sensors, fiber optic coupling devices, aerospace metals used in sealed boxes or containers.

Laser engraving has been widely used in seal, medal trophies, gifts and advertisements and other industries, such as horns, plastic, organic, wood, ink pad storage, Atom seals, rubber and other materials easily engraving on all kinds of seals; engraving, cutting all kinds of signs; on bamboo or wood carving all kinds of text, graphics, and so on.

My electronic industry IC, printed circuit, some technology content higher of products of growth trend view, electronic products area of autonomous innovation capacity in constantly strengthening, and precision laser manufacturing and service in the area has broad of market space, SMT template, products broad used precision laser manufacturing and service has is development trend, precision laser manufacturing and service future of market a is existing market of natural growth, also is traditional of technology method gradually is precision laser manufacturing and service alternative, market uncapped., Laser engraving machine, laser engraving technology will accompany the progress!

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