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Application of laser technology to automobile industry

Date: 2015-04-20
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Safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection has been a theme of the world automobile industry development, laser technology as one of the main processing method of modern automobile production, its development has mainly revolved around this subject, combined with professional features. Laser processing applications automotive industry is one of the most populous areas. According to the statistics, in the industrialized countries in Europe and America, have one-50% laser processing parts are used to complete.

In the automotive industry, laser processing is usually dominated by cutting. Cutting carbon dioxide gas laser with high power laser beam, in order to increase the cutting speed and quality, carbon dioxide laser beam cutting machine exported in general are equipped with nozzles, so that while blowing gas during the cutting process. Due to the metal surface for wavelengths 10. Optical reflectivity of 6 ч m high, cutting metal workpieces are often blowing oxygen or compressed air, to increase cutting efficiency and cut of inflammable material, blowing inert gas such as nitrogen to prevent burning.

Technology of laser welding has become standard in the automobile industry. Laser welding of car body panels may be different with different surface coating thickness and metal plates welded together, and then stamped again, this structure can achieve the most reasonable of the Panel made of metal combinations. Laser welding speed is about 4.5m/min, and little deformation, eliminating secondary processing. Laser welding has accelerated the process of stamping parts instead of forging parts. Laser welding, lap width can be reduced and some strengthening parts, can also compress the body volume of the structure itself. This one only body weight can reduce 56kg. Laser welding is used to roof shell frame weld, welding of converter transmission cover, controlled by CNC and its cycle time is about 16 seconds, actually weld time of only 3 seconds and can run continuously 24 hours a day.

The emergence of carbon dioxide laser with high power output, metal surface treatment technology has been a great deal of progress. A wider application of laser alloying, laser laser coating, polishing, laser shock hardening technology. Laser surface treatment of engine valve seat, roof shell and framework has been widely used in the manufacture of parts and components.

In the production of auto parts, such as steel and heat treatment of gears, crankshafts, piston ring, in the laser heat treatment, stop reprocessing, can be installed directly to the Assembly line.

CNC laser machining combined with flexible manufacturing technologies, in automobile mould manufacturing, has been widely used. Laser heat treatment, surface treatment, laser cutting, laser technology, producing mould cycle reduced from 28 weeks 4-6 weeks, meet the needs of automotive quick modification.

Laser rapid prototyping technology is in the early 90, computers, lasers, polymer materials, CAD/CAM, came into being under the rapid development of new technologies such as precision machinery, and soon to be applied in the automobile industry, break the traditional pattern of manufacturing it, become the most attractive technology.

Laser rapid prototyping systems generally use: gases carbon dioxide or argon gas lasers, transformation of complex three dimensional objects using the computer as a two-dimensional layer, and then use the "point" idea, thermoplastic powder sintering or adhesive paper substrate material, constructed from point, line, surface of the part (layer) and layer-by-layer forming. Laser rapid prototyping technology enables new products put on the market as early as possible, greatly improving automobile production capacity and competitiveness of the products on the market.

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